Steinway & Sons

About Steinway Piano Galleries of Chicago 

The Steinway Piano Galleries of Chicago are proud to be the only Steinway & Sons’ factory-owned and operated showrooms in the Midwest. Visitors to, and customers of, these impressive showrooms experience firsthand the Steinway company’s legendary commitment to excellence in quality and customer satisfaction while offering the entire product line of Steinway, Boston, and Essex pianos. Steinway & Sons is also proud to support the entire Chicago metro area performing arts community as well as musicians, music educators, music education institutions and houses of worship of all faiths. Since 1853 Steinway pianos have set an uncompromising global standard for sound, touch, beauty, and long-term investment value. Steinway & Sons offers a unique selection of instruments which are still produced today with the rare, yet sought-after, quality standards in materials and craftsmanship that are seemingly non-existent in our world of mass production and modern manufacturing processes. Experience for yourself the joy of owning an instrument that takes up to one full year to create by hand. We invite you to visit our galleries and you, too, will understand what makes the Steinway piano the choice of 98% of all concert artists worldwide.


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