Steinway & Sons


Standard of Excellence

The Steinway & Sons name is synonymous with the standard of excellence. This standard is evident not only in our pianos but in the way we serve you. Steinway Showrooms have been the standard of excellence others try to emulate. 


Steinway Showrooms’ reputation transcends that of all other piano stores. We are the House of Steinway. In our 156 years of serving the public our reputation has been unmatched. 

Straightforward Pricing

Steinway Showrooms do not artificially inflate, discount, or negotiate pricing. Steinway’s founder had the policy to “build the best piano possible and sell it at the lowest price consistent with quality.” We have lived up to this edict for 156 years. Besides giving you the true value of our instruments, this assures you of the investment value of your piano. 

Rental Programs

Steinway & Sons offers a variety of rental programs, including concert services and home rental plans. If you are uncertain whether you or your child will enjoy the piano, our Sales Consultants can assess your needs and recommend the best program for you. 

The Steinway Promise

Anytime during your lifetime you can trade your Steinway-designed piano purchased from Steinway & Sons back to us and receive the full price you paid for it, applied toward the purchase price of any new piano of greater value. (Subject to the reasonably good condition of the piano.) 


Steinway Showrooms display hundreds of pianos in a variety of distinctive and acoustically designed rooms. This broad selection includes new and previously owned Steinway, Boston, and Essex pianos as well as our Heirloom Collection of factory restored Steinway pianos. Steinway Showrooms also house a variety of used pianos taken in trade of all manufacturers. 

Warranties and Guarantees

Every piano at Steinway Showrooms has a warranty. New Steinway pianos are warranted for 5 years; Boston and Essex pianos are warranted for 10 years. Used pianos are warranted according to their condition and age. 

Service Support

Our own service staff will assist you at all times. Whether your piano needs tuning, polishing, or a total restoration, our highly skilled craftspeople provide excellence in piano service. 


The tradition, excellence, and reputation that are at the core of Steinway & Sons have inspired trust and confidence for generations of customers. You can be sure that you are purchasing the finest instruments made in the world today. 

Sales Consultants

Highly trained and dedicated to matching the right piano with the right customer, Steinway Sales Consultants are accomplished musicians in their own right. Their passion for music making and expertise in piano design and construction make them the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. 

Teacher Referrals

With extensive contacts throughout the music community, Steinway Showrooms will be pleased to refer a variety of piano teachers, based on your preferences and needs, so that you or your child may ultimately experience the joy of playing and owning your own Steinway, Boston, or Essex piano. 

Ongoing Educational Programs, Special Events, and Exclusive Invitations

Steinway Showrooms frequently host special programs designed to help you get the most out of your instrument, with tips for ongoing care and maintenance. In addition, we are also pleased to invite our customers to exclusive programming, educational events, and concerts at all of our showrooms.

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